Sailing Instructions

These sailing instructions have been agreed by the committee of PSSC in accordance with the rules of the club and may be varied at any time by that committee. These SI's apply to all series races organised by the club and to such other events, with amendments if necessary, as shall be announced.


1.0 Rules

Racing will take place under the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), these sailing instructions (SI's) and the appropriate class rules.

2.0 Conditions of Entry

2.1 General - The safety of the yacht and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/competitor racing the yacht who must ensure that the yacht and the crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the race. Neither the establishment of these SI's nor the inspection of the yacht under these conditions in any way limits for reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner/competitor for their crew, their yacht and the

management thereof. The race organisers shall not be responsible for the damage, death or personal injury however so caused to the owner/competitor, their skipper or crew, as a result of their taking part in the race or races. Moreover, every owner/competitor warrants the suitability of their yacht for the race or races.

2.1.1 A yacht shall have insurance cover with a minimum of £3,000,000 third party indemnity for the competitor racing the yacht.

2.2 Distinguishing Numbers - The race committee may permit a yacht to use sails carrying a distinguishing number other than that required by IYRR 25.1, or no distinguishing numbers.

2.3 Handicaps - Where class racing is not provided racing will be in the Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme (PY), as set out in the RYA's current YR2. If catamarans only are racing the small Catamaran Handicap System( SCHRS) will be adopted. Yachts without a published SCHRS score will be allocated a handicap using the SCHRS calculator.

2.3.1 Yachts without PY ratings will be allocated numbers by the method described in para 4.3a of the current YR2


3.0 Safety

3.1 Personal buoyancy - Adequate personal buoyancy for all crew members must be worn at all times during racing. Wet suits and dry suits do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy.


4.0 Communications With Competitors

4.1 Class signals will be in accordance with the RYA's prescription except that flag D shall be used for the catamaran handicap fleet. IC flag M will be used for the monohull fleet.

4.2 Notices to competitor's shall be posted on the official notice board located outside the race office. Signals made ashore will be posted on the flagpole outside the race office.

4.2.1 Any changes to the SI's will be posted before the advertised starting time of any race or races concerned, or published in the club newsletter/website. Changes in the SI's posted on the notice board will be indicated by displaying IC flag L.

4.3 Competitors may carry VHF radios and other communications devices for the purpose of safety. Such devices may not be used to obtain information which would place the competitor at a competitive advantage.


5.0 Course Instruction

5.1 The course shall be in Mevagissey Bay unless otherwise shown on the notice board or amended SI's

5.2 There are three standard course options the course to be sailed will be indicated by the display of the number pennant flown on the OOD Hut.

       o Course 1 - Triangle Sausage Triangle

       o Course 2 - Sausage Triangle Sausage

                    Course laid as above but reversing combination.

       o Course 3 - Windward Leeward

                    Mark 2 may be replaced with a gate.

The direction of mark rounding for course 1 and 2 will be indicated by a red flag for port and a green flag for starboard. This will be flown from the committee boat.

In the case of course 3 the direction of rounding will always be port with the exception of the downwind gate.

5.3 The course marks shall be orange or red cylinders, spheres or various coloured danbouys or navigational marks as shown on the notice board.

5.4 Long distance races will have courses set by the OOD based on prevailing and expected weather conditions. Courses may utilise a combination of navigation marks and club marks. OOD will ensure all competitors are briefed before launching.

5.5 Non-standard courses may be set by the OOD the course configuration and instructions will be clearly briefed to sailors before going afloat.


6.0 Starts

6.1 Starting times shall be as published in the sailing program. Classes shall start in the order described on the notice board.

6.2 All starts shall be fixed line starts.

6.2.1 The starting line will be set using the downwind turning mark and an outer distance mark or moored safety boat. If the safety boat is moored the transit will be taken from the console of the boat.

6.2.2 The starting procedure will be in accordance with IYRR 4.4a System 1ii. The waning signal may be a red or green flag used to indicate port or starboard rounding respectively. If more than one class is to start the waning signal will be lowered for approximately 30 seconds at the start for each class.

6.2.3 A yacht shall not start later than 5 minute after her class start.

6.2.4 Individual recalls will be signalled in accordance with IYRR 8.1 (recalls) using IC flag X.

6.2.5 As soon as possible after a general recall a new warning signal will be displayed.

6.2.6 'Round the Ends Rule' For all starts IYRR 5.1.1 b & c are replaced by this sailing instruction. 'When any part of the yachts hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line or it extensions during the minute before her starting signal, she shall sail to the pre-set side of the line across one of its extensions and start.' A whistle will be sounded to signal that the one-minute rule is in force.


7.0 Finishing

7.1 The finishing line will be between the mast at the race office and the nearest mark of the course, or, a line between a rounding mark and and another mark or the committee boat. In the case of course 3 the finish will be set to the port side of the downwind gate.


8.0 Alternative Penalties

The 360 degree penalty, Appendix 3.1 of the IYRR will apply.


9.0 Protest

Protests must be lodged in writing to the OOD within one hour of the finish of the last race of the day. The time and date of the hearing will be posted on the notice board.


10.0 The scoring system

The scoring system published in the sailing program will apply. Ties will be broken by the best discard procedure up to 50% (rounded up) or discards. If a tie still exists the most firsts procedure shall be used. (RYA appendices A


11.0 General

All yachts shall compete in accordance with IYRR 26 and Appendix 14 category B.